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Social Category

  • The social category will measure your racism and sexism level from low to extreme.  This is for entertainment purposes only.

Other Categories

  • Find out who is the greatest and best in sports, music, movies, television, education & more.  Who is supreme, old vs new school? Zeebs must be answered within 10 seconds so respond quickly. Categories change daily as new zeebs are added. Compare your results with friends or spouse to see how much you have in common. Have fun!


  • Individuals and businesses can sponsor a single zeeb or a full zeeb.  This will allow you to research anything; i.e,  paper or plastic (single) Favorite Polynesian food (full). Price vary based on number of days on Zeeba.  The app is free. If you don't like the advertising, simply purchase the in-app version  for $.99 cents.  Contact berry1804@gmail.com for more information.